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1998-2005 - Novel Cinema Pictures Presents "Star Trek: Encarta" Starring Ryan Webber as Captain Jonathan Lynch, Robert William Ford As William Tate, Sara Lynn Zimmerman AS Lt. Sara Lynch, Chris Elliott AS Commander Gregory T. McKnight, Ryan Mey AS Lt. Cmdr. Jerry Herato, Derrick Anderson AS Lt. David Jones, Vicky Courtade AS Ensign Kristy Eugene, Tyler Bedgood AS Chief Henry Walsh, Benjamin Flory AS Heylar.

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'Star Trek: Encarta'
Star Trek: Encarta began in early 2000 with "Star Trek: Encarta The Motion Picture' and spawning 3 sequel film productions, Star Trek Encarta: Destiny's Advocate, Star Trek Encarta: Condemned, and 'Dark Hope'. Encarta IV: Dark Hope is the ambitous current production. The fan film series Star Trek Encarta stars Ryan Webber AS Captain Jonathan Lynch, Robert Ford as Ensign William Tate, Chris Elliott as Commander Gregory McNight, and Sara Zimmerman AS Lt. Sara Ranks. Ryan Webber has directed and helmed the projects, current Executive Producer Jeremy Wolgemuth and Ryan Webber currently lead the saga into the final frontier and back. Based upon "Star Trek The Next Generation" era circa "Star Trek: Insurrection - Star Trek: Voyager". The starship U.S.S. Encarta continues the legacy of Star Trek, boldly going where none have gone before, Encarta offers a new look into the final frontier through the eyes of Visionary's Ryan Webber, Jeremy Wolgemuth, and Robert William Ford. The film saga to-date has won 12 local film festivals and has been re-vamped to target larger markets. We could use all the support from fans that could be interested in "Star Trek: Encarta" Thank you for your interest and visit us at!